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Jean Glass Settles Sonoran Dispute with David Hussey

In 2014, David Hussey filed a civil lawsuit against Jean Glass of Better Homes Sonoran Desert Lifestyles Realty, which he claimed was for repayment in the amount of $125,000. All claims against Glass were later dismissed and the Maricopa County Court dismissed the case. Nothing in the way of an acquittal was necessary because the court did not take the Sonoran lawsuit to a verdict. Glass was proven to have done no wrongdoing and Hussey’s claims were “frivolous” and “with extortion as the guiding intent.”

The Sonoran legal battle between Glass and Hussey continued in local court however, with Jean Glass requesting a restraining order against Hussey…

On March 11th, 2014, after the court had dismissed the lawsuit, David Hussey was cited for a disturbance at Cartwright’s Restaurant, where he loudly accused Glass of wrongdoing, demanded money, and used expletives. Hussey left Cartwright’s before police arrived. He later returned to find Ms. Glass talking to sheriff’s deputies. Hussey again requested the police take action, but the sheriffs on site reiterated his lack of legal standing in the matter.

In the day following the dispute at Cartwright’s Restaurant, Jean Glass of Scottsdale AZ filed for a restraining order against David Hussey, on grounds that he had stalked, threatened, and disturbed her on numerous occasions. Glass presented the court with a documented record that she had observed Hussey sitting in his vehicle in her driveway multiple times throughout the days prior to filing. The court granted the order of protection, indicating that Hussey may not interact with Glass in any setting nor may he be within 500 yards of her person, home, or the Military Road property which the original dispute had been filed over. Additionally, the order of protection prohibits Mr. Hussey from contacting Bonnamy or Bonnamy’s son, even in cases where the other party might initiate contact. Maricopa County Superior Court directed Hussey to communicate with all mentioned parties only via his attorney.

Glass has emerged the winner of all legal battles against Hussey but stated she still fears for her life, particularly now that the order of protection has expired.  Follow-up court hearing dates have been set, so it appears that the order of protection is uncontested by Mr. Hussey at this time.


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