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Doing A Google Search On Yourself

If you are in the market for finding a job or making a major purchase on a home or financing a car checking your information on Google is a an important strategy for self-defense. Those who are hiring or considering others for loan approvals will often use Google as a source of reliable information when it comes to back ground checks. You may be unpleasantly surprised to find unflattering information, whether true or false, published in connection with your name on a Google search.

For example, if you have ever been involved in any type of litigation even as a witness your name will likely appear in an accusatory manor that can easily be misconstrued by someone you want to impress. Additionally it is possible that you share the same name with someone who has a negative online reputation that can be easily confused with your reputation when anyone performs a Google search.

There are common litigation situations that involve highly sensitive and extremely personal details about your life. These legal records are not confidential and can involve cases such as discrimination suits, personal injury claims, child support actions, paternity issues, estate claims or criminal activity. This information is not the kind that you would want to use to make that first impression with a potential employer or with anyone of significance personally or professionally.

Many legal proceedings are humiliating, stressful and personally revealing. Corporations are familiar with the standard public scrutiny that comes with any form of litigation due to the involvement of public shareholders. Unfortunately in todays point and click world any private citizen involved in any type of litigation will fall victim to the same relentless public eye. This happens even when you take legal action on your right to sue or someone chooses to try and sue you.

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