The GOOD News – the lawsuit against you has been dropped or you have won your case. Congratulations, it was a long haul!

Now the BAD News – the lawsuit naming YOU will appear INDEFINITELY in search, but your positive outcome will continue to be buried except for only those interested in carrying out an in depth review of your suit outcome

The RESULT – your name in the lawsuit, without regard to your positive outcome, will continue to be tarnished by anyone searching your name, with no end in sight. Search engines emphasize the beginning of the lawsuit, not the end and the Governmental sites carry a lot of Authority.

How We Can Help will allow you the opportunity to highlight your lawsuit OUTCOME so that searchers of your name can more fairly see not only the initiation of your case, but also the positive outcome of your case. This creates search BALANCE. will provide you the tools necessary in order to easily build and publish your positive outcome on the Web. We have made the process simple by methodically taking you, step by step, through the building of your positive results to highlight online.

For an extra fee, we can rank this information for both your name and your company name to appear by the original lawsuit listing. This makes it easy for those checking you out to get the whole story.