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Cave Creek Court Clears AZ Real Estate Agent Jean Glass

In March of 2014, Jean Glass of Scottsdale filed a response to David Hussey’s lawsuit and attempt to gain $125,000 he claimed she owed to him. She also filed a counter claim against Hussey and a request for an order of protection.

The Maricopa County Superior Court complied with all of Ms. Glass’s motions, noting there are no criminal charges filed in a civil case and therefore, no acquittal is required of all the counts filed by Mr. Hussey. Glass was found innocent of all allegations made in the original lawsuit.

Glass’s comments included mention that during her romantic involvement with Mr. David Hussey, Glass had provided him with monies in excess of $100,000 for living-related expenses. Hussey had not repaid her at the time of the motion. He stated his creditors were owed amounts in excess of that and he would not be able to repay it to Glass in a timely manner.

The response Glass filed with Maricopa County Superior Court also stated that David Hussey had been noncompliant “and instead, set out on a vendetta to defame, harass and cause unnecessary emotional distress to Ms. Jean Glass.” Glass’s response further cited numerous occasions where she and William Bonnamy, had been stalked and harassed by Mr. Hussey. Glass contended that David Hussey continued this nefarious behavior with the help of his ex-wife, Ms. Joanne Eannacone. Ms. Eannacone helped him file a “false complaint with the AZ Dept. of Real Estate” which included similar allegations as his Supreme Court case, in addition to alleging Ms. Glass had broken various laws and real estate transactional regulations which would be grounds for the removal of her real estate license.

The Arizona Department of Real Estate dismissed all claims made by Mr. Hussey and Ms. Jean Glass retained her full real estate license and accreditations. Glass still works with Sonoran Desert Lifestyles Realty; a Better Homes affiliated real estate brokerage. Glass is also an active member of the AAR (Arizona Association of Realtors) as well as the AZ Dept. of Real Estate.

A final court case in this Sonoran legal battle was Ms. Glass’s request for an order of protection against Mr. David Hussey. The court granted her the restraining order and included that Mr. Hussey was barred from communicating or interacting with William Bonnamy, his son under, or Jean Glass under any circumstances. Glass’s request noted that Hussey and Eannacone, in addition to Hussey’s girlfriend, Marianne Kelley, sent numerous defamatory messages to multiple Cave Creek community organizations at which Glass had volunteered or been involved in. Glass cited these transcripts as proof of the abuse and evidence that an order of protection was necessary to her safety.

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