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Raviv Wolfe – Lawsuit Thrown Out By Judge as “Frivolous”

abacus-logoCustomer Name: Raviv Wolfe / dba Serenity Financial Group

Association to Lawsuit Defendant: Former Partner of Serenity Financial Group (Now Abacus)

Verification by: Driver’s License (on file)

Lawsuit Resolution: Positive – Dropped

When in the Process: During initial meeting with Judge


Lawsuit Synopsis 

The civil lawsuit suit brought against me was frivolous and was immediately thrown out by the judge. All the service that was provided to Plaintiff was an introduction to a capital source and no money was ever exchanged. The Plaintiff was not able to get their funding and in turn, sued all parties involved. The Plaintiff has been involved in a number of other lawsuits.

Due to the deep pockets of the Plaintiff, it was my attorney’s recommendation to go through Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to protect myself in case the judge ultimately ruled against me. That ended up being unnecessary, unfortunately, as the judge threw out the case against my company – Serenity Financial Group, of which I was a partner.

raviv wolfe default judgement denied

I signed up with Lawsuits Dropped in order to provide those searching on my name a more balanced representation of the lawsuit I was involved in. Up until now, searchers of my name only saw the lawsuit that I was involved with, not the resolution of the lawsuit, which was a positive outcome.


Supporting Documentation:

United States District Court – Findings and Recommendations


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