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Ex-NFL Player Titus Dixon Acquitted In Tax Fraud Case


Law360, New York (December 7, 2015, 3:38 PM ET) — Former NFL player and police officer Titus Dixon was vindicated on Saturday when a Florida federal jury found him not guilty of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in a tax fraud scheme. Dixon, who played professional football for the New York Jets and Detroit Lions, among other teams, for ...

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Doing A Google Search On Yourself


If you are in the market for finding a job or making a major purchase on a home or financing a car checking your information on Google is a an important strategy for self-defense. Those who are hiring or considering others for loan approvals will often use Google as a source of reliable information when it comes to back ground ...

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The Problem of “Prominent Placement”


The main dilemma centers on the fact that any court action comes up in a place of prominence when a Google search is performed. The question is why? Any legal records, including court documents and other judicial files, are strongly protected through the power of the Constitution. We live in a world with advanced search engine technology that makes it ...

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The Unintended Negative Consequences to The Process and the People


A court proceeding that is ranked highly on any search engine creates damaging effects on anyone who is named in the case and subsequently cheapens the whole judicial system. Research indicates that anyone performing an Internet search will gravitate to the top four results found to make a determination. There is also a dangerous misperception about the relevance of the ...

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The Problem Needs To Be Addressed Sooner Rather Than Later


The problem associated with prominent placement of legal information related to any individual online search pales in comparison to a lot of the other insidious online plagues including: online predators and identity theft. There are many who argue that anyone engaged in legal action has created the problem for themselves since they chose to sue someone or acted in a ...

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