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Acquitted Mayor Can Go After Miami Suburb For Fees

After successfully beating bribery charges and fighting to get reinstated to office, Miami Lakes Mayor Michael A. Pizzi Jr. can pursue legal fees from the town, a Florida judge ruled Wednesday, finding the fees claims sufficient and likely to warrant reimbursement if proven. Law360: (headline:(acquitted) OR summary:(acquitted))

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Dermatologist Clears 40 Counts Of Health Care Fraud

A Virginia federal jury acquitted a dermatologist of more than 40 counts of health care fraud Monday, knocking down allegations the doctor intentionally misdiagnosed skin cancer and then billed Medicare and other insurance providers for unnecessary treatments. Law360: (headline:(acquitted) OR summary:(acquitted))

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Exec Accused Of $300M Ponzi Scheme Denied Acquittal Bid

A Florida federal judge on Monday denied a former vacation rental firm executive’s attempt to derail a second trial stemming from allegations he facilitated a $ 300 million Ponzi scheme, refusing to acquit him based on arguments that prosecutors failed to prove their claims. Law360: (headline:(acquitted) OR summary:(acquitted))

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Justices Told Bad Jury Instructions Void Hacking Conviction

A shipping executive convicted of hacking his former employer in order to launch a rival business told the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday that he should be acquitted because of incorrect jury instructions that substituted the word “and” for “or,” claiming the instructions tainted the case. Law360: (headline:(acquitted) OR summary:(acquitted))

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