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Blair Stover Attorney Cleared in California Tax Case

On Thursday, January 22, 2015, Missouri Attorney, A. Blair Stover, was formally cleared of all charges included in a criminal Complaint filed by the California Franchise Tax Board on September 12, 2012, alleging that he had aided and assisted in the preparation of false tax returns that were filed with the State of California.

The Complaint, which named Kruse Mennillo Business Financial Services, LLC, Victor Kawana, and Mr. Stover as defendants, alleged that State Income Tax returns prepared by Kruse Mennillo on behalf of its clients were false, reflecting deductions related to transactions involving the use of Nevada domiciled corporations that were formed for the purpose of providing various administrative services to corporations operating within the State of California. Superior Court Judge Hon. Robert C. Vanderet ruled that the State had failed to produce evidence in support of the allegations set forth in the Complaint and dismissed the Counts against all three parties.

Mr. Stover has been a senior partner with Kruse Mennillo since 2001. Mr. Kawana is currently the firm’s managing partner. Kruse Mennillo was formed in 1938 and specializes in the automotive industry, representing automobile dealerships throughout North America.

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