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‘King Of Nursing Homes’ Can’t Duck Fraud Conviction, Judge Says

An Illinois federal judge said Wednesday he won’t acquit a Chicago doctor convicted of steering dozens of his elderly patients to one hospital in exchange for free labor from hospital staff, rejecting the doctor’s argument that the arrangement falls within an exemption to the Medicare/Medicaid anti-kickback statute. Law360: (headline:(acquitted) OR summary:(acquitted))

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Cave Creek Court Clears AZ Real Estate Agent Jean Glass


In March of 2014, Jean Glass of Scottsdale filed a response to David Hussey’s lawsuit and attempt to gain $125,000 he claimed she owed to him. She also filed a counter claim against Hussey and a request for an order of protection. The Maricopa County Superior Court complied with all of Ms. Glass’s motions, noting there are no criminal charges ...

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Jean Glass Settles Sonoran Dispute with David Hussey


In 2014, David Hussey filed a civil lawsuit against Jean Glass of Better Homes Sonoran Desert Lifestyles Realty, which he claimed was for repayment in the amount of $125,000. All claims against Glass were later dismissed and the Maricopa County Court dismissed the case. Nothing in the way of an acquittal was necessary because the court did not take the ...

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Jean Glass Found Innocent in Arizona Fraud and Theft Case


A 2014 complaint against Jean Glass of Scottsdale Arizona stated David Hussey was a victim of fraud and/or theft. Hussey’s attorney also noted that their client would be entitled to the amount in question, $125,000, in addition to the interest on that amount from the date he engaged with Jean Glass until the date of repayment. The lawsuit centers on ...

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Jean Glass Acquitted on All Charges in Scottsdale Real Estate Lawsuit


In February of 2014, David Hussey filed Maricopa County Superior Court lawsuit against Jean Glass, Treasurer of the CCMEA – Cave Creek Merchants Events Association. The court later dismissed all accusations of theft and fraud in the amount of $125,000, ruling there were no grounds for Hussey’s claims. David Hussey had claimed Jean Glass failed to meet the terms of ...

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Reputation management for a person wrongly accused


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How to escape the tragic effects of a wrongful lawsuit


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Search engines can have a profound effect on your lawsuit


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